Who ARE you?
We are TEAM MUSIC SAVES...owner Melanie, and a black (going brown) cat named Vinyl.

WHAT are you?
An independent record store specializing in indie rock and it's extended family.

WHERE are you?
Cleveland Ohio, next to the Beachland Ballroom.
To be exact: 15801 Waterloo Road, Cleveland OH 44110

How long have you been here?
We opened July 17, 2004, so... you do the math.

When exactly are you open?
Tuesday - Saturday: noon - 9
Sunday: noon - 4

Can I order from you online?
Sorry, we don't have online ordering yet, but you can order stuff from us from the comfort of your home. Give us a call at 216-481-1875 or send us an email at (please note: this email is for customer use ONLY!)

Um, do you sell tickets for shows and stuff?
Yes, we sell tickets to all Beachland and Grog Shop shows.
We will occasionally have tickets for other shows around town, if they are promoted by the Beachland or Grog.
Tickets are
CASH ONLY. There is a $1 service fee per ticket.

Do you guys take credit cards?
Yes! Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes! You can get them in absolutely ANY amount, and they're super cool because we make them ourselves using a magical combination of repurposed CDs and MUSIC SAVES stickers! You can order one right now on our home page!

Are these stickers free?

Do you have any other sticker colors?
No, we print 1,000 of a color, and when we run out, move onto a new color.
We've done this since we opened, and have never duplicated a color, making each color a limited edition.

What's the cat's name?

Does the cat stay in the store all the time, or does she go home with you?
The cat only lives in the store. When we close, she walks into the vinyl and disappears like the players in Field of Dreams.

Are you guys affiliated with the Beachland?
Technically, no. We're just friends, but we help each other out in a lot of ways.

Do you guys live around here?
YOU BET - right here in good ol' Collinwood, and we love it!

What was the "SAVE ME" program all about?
That was our frequent buyer program for our first 7 years in business. It has since been replaced by the Cool Card Program!

Ok, so what's this new Cool Card Program like?
Pick up a Cool Card from our front counter, and start getting Vinyl cat stamps on it right away!
You earn stamps buy purchasing new, full-length LPs and CDs.
Once you get 10 Vinyl cat stamps on your card, then you'll save $10 on your next purchase!
• Stamps will be given only for purchases of new, full-length LPs and CDs.
• No stamps will be given on purchases that have been discounted or reduced in any way UNLESS you are cashing in your $10 discount. The $10 discount will be applied to one item, and you will receive stamps for all other qualifying items.
• The $10 discount will be given on your next visit, even if you reach 10 stamps, and get stamps towards earning your next discount, on the same purchase.
• We are not responsible for lost or stolen cards, or if you forget to pull your card out when you make a purchase.
• We will not give stamps for prior purchases.
• We reserve the right to alter, deface, or mutilate this program at any time.

Do you have any DVDs?
Yes, but they are all music related in some way.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
No. As stated on our receipts: *Sorry dudes, but no returns or exchanges here*.

Can I sell or trade in my records or CDs?
If you have some well cared for records or CDs that would fit in well with what we're already carrying in the store, you can trade them in for store credit and get some shiny new stuff!

When do you get new releases in?
Most indie releases arrive on the Friday prior to the street date, and some labels let us sell them then. Major label titles arrive on the street date - TUESDAY (don't ask us why, it's just Tuesday).

Can you hold a copy of _____ for me so I can get it the day it comes out?
Yeah, just let us know. Send an email, call, write a frickin' letter. It's not a burden, and actually helps us with our ordering.

Will you carry my band's CD or record?
If it fits in with what we carry, and you're regulary opening for bands we sell in our store when they play the Beachland and Grog, then we most likely will. Most people buy local music at shows, so our local music doesn't sell a whole lot. We also have limited space, and try to keep our local section focused for our customers. If you are unfamiliar with the store, please check it out before coming in and stacking 30 CDs on our counter and becoming incredulous that we will not carry your band's CD.

Is it okay if I park my car on the street?
Yes, you are in Collinwood, not downtown. Parking is FREE!.

Is there a place to get coffee around here?
There will be!

Is there anywhere to eat/get a drink around here?
Besides the Beachland, there's the Boardwalk (old guy bar charm), Grovewood, Blitz BBQ, and The Callaloo Cafe and Bar