A Certain Ratio - To Each... LIMITED 2LP (red +download)

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Originally released on Factory Records in 1981, and produced by legendary producer Martin Hannett, A Certain Ratio is known for their postpunk masterpiece To Each.... Here is a haunting exploration of the dark crannies and corners that might be contained inside a jazz cathedral. To Each... is reproduced faithfully, complete with gatefold, and the beautiful cover designed by Peter Christopherson (a musician in his own right with Throbbing Gristle and Coil). Faithful, updated rendering of the   original release highlights Peter Christopherson’s design, along with the original gatefold. To Each… forges a link between The Big Apple and Manchester, laying bare A Certain Ratio’s exotic musicality. Full of chunk-a-chunk pops and rim-shots, these are white boys drunk on funk dream, shedding a lot of their early punkishness and focusing on delivering tight, highly percussive funk grooves through Martin Hannett’s woozy psychedelic atmospherics. Here is funk for the mind, not the body. To Each... is full of classic A Certain Ratio tracks, with highlights including “Choir”, “The Fox” and “Oceans”.