A Certain Ratio - Force LIMITED LP (yellow, reissue +download)

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A Certain Ratio’s Force, finds the perfect balance between their understated impulses and their desire to take it large. As a snapshot of where A Certain Ratio had ended up following their starker but still danceable earlier years, Force immediately pushed the band close to the success they always deserved, striving for new levels of musicality. A mid-career highlight, Force was the Manchester band’s fifth album, originally released on Factory in 1986. Force mixes the robust funk grooves of single “Mickey Way” with downtempo tracks, as well as “Si Firmi O Grido”, the percussive tour de force which provides a reliable climax to live performances. In addition to pin-sharp rhythm and groove the album also displayed real consistency, and even a pop sensibility, courtesy of guest vocalist Corinne Drewery of Swing Out Sister. The album was also one of the first to utilise the brand new Akai S900 sampler. Force remains A Certain Ratio’s purest moment.