Vinyl Cat Sticker

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Vinyl is the little black cat who appeared on our doorstep in November of 2004! She has since been our resident sassy lady! She plays hard, and sleeps hard, and she's small, so we often call her "Kitten"!

These stickers were originally made for Vinyl's 10th Birthday Celebration, on April 3, 2014! They've been so popular with fans of her, black cats, and cats in general, that we've kept them in stock!

Stickers are custom die-cuts, made by local company Jakprints! They are made of a durable VINYL material, and have a protective UV varnish on the surface. Stickers measure 4" tall, from the tip of Vinyl's right ear, to the base of her little paw hangin' off the bottom edge!

PLEASE NOTE: Stickers have a split in the backing to make it easier to peel off. They lay flat once stuck on something! There might also be slight imperfections in your sticker. This is a natural part of the process, and won't be very noticeable, if at all!